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Stuff I did (not blog about) during the summer:

  • 16th April:  Our annual club relay. In my opinion it was nothing special (wrong type of terrain for this time of year?), and for the first time I wasn’t club chairman so I didn’t have to organise all the teams. My team finished 5th in the open category, our women won for the fourth year in a row, and for me the highlight was Roni leading our second women’s team to fifth place while over 6 months pregnant.
  • 19-20th May: I participated in the Mountain to Valley relay race, which is basically a 24-leg, 215 km trail run for teams of 4, 6 or 8. I was the fastest runner on our team from work, and one dropped out, so in the end I ran 4 legs instead of 3. My first leg was a really fast and flat 11 km, but the interesting part was running legs 14-15 at night – 17 km, mostly in forest on the orienteering maps of Zippori and Shimshit which I know very well. I finished with leg 23, which is also on a map (Kfar Hahoresh) but mostly an uphill slog, so not fun.sample
  • 4th June: There was supposed to be an event in the Circassian village of Kfar Kama on this date, and I had just finished the map. It’s a very nice village with some intricate winding alleys, so I had agreed to do the work even though I don’t really like sprint mapping. At the last moment, someone woke up to the fact that it was the Ramadan month, so the event was postponed to September, and then somehow it got called off altogether. I’m sure the map will be used one day.
  • 26th June: ISOA general assembly. Matan was born on the day of the assembly two years ago. No such luck this time…
  • 14th July: Yael is born.
  • 15th July: End of season prize-giving, swimming pool and sprint course at Sarid, which is very near home. Roni was resting in hospital and the boys were with their grandparents, so I had permission to go. The course was nice, but it’s too hot here in July.
  • 29th July: Ziv Noiman, our “General Secretary” for over 20 years, celebrated his 50th birthday with a 50-control training in the town of Kfar Yona. Still too hot, and too long as well (I ran about 9km on the course), but at this time of year any orienteering is refreshing. I’m planning something more impressive for my 50th birthday (a 50 km relay?), but there’s still some time.20160910_sample
  • 10th September: We had this Saturday reserved for the Kfar Kama event (see 4th June), so in order not to waste it I had three weeks to plan and execute a small forest event on my map of Birya West, which is high enough in the hills to mitigate some of the heat. Going out into the forest was fun, and there were over 200 participants.
  • 23rd September: I ran a 15 km track race “Beshvil Habanim” organised by the Druze community on Mount Carmel. My time was just over 75 minutes – I run faster, but there’s a very steep uphill near the end which kills off the pace (total climb is over 300m).
  • 24th September: Yael’s first orienteering event. We did the family course at Ilaniya – Yael (2 months) on Roni, Matan (2) on my back, Alon (5) on his own two feet, and Ayala (13) independently with a friend.
  • 1st October: A small training event on Yokneam Slopes, which is very near home so I went. The map had paths removed, so it was quite challenging. It’s probably one of the least suitable areas for removing the paths from the map, because much of the terrain is steep, green, featureless slopes with paths contouring around, but at this time of year you take what you can get.

I’m working now on a mini-rogaine in Birya Forest on November 5th, and of course gearing up for the start of the competitive season. With three small children, we’ll be picking and choosing our events even more than last season, but I hope to reach most of the national events and compete in the championships.

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