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This area, about 15 minutes from home, was first mapped about 20 years ago, then again in 2006, and now has a new map made using LIDAR by Ziv Noiman. Basically it’s a steep slope with some rocky features, but there are some nice contours and now that the embargo for the first race there is over I have an excellent training area available when I feel like it.

Saturday’s national event was physically tough, but fun. The 1:7500 map was easy on my eyes, the undergrowth was nonexistent (no rain yet), and the course was very good. I ran H35 and finished 4th, so I don’t yet feel the need to race at my own age. Maybe when I’m 50…

I especially liked the long leg – something which we usually don’t have, because the courses aren’t really long. I didn’t like the lack of water – only at control 14, after almost an hour of running, on a warm, dry and windy day. I felt strong, had a good race, and finished the 8.1 km course (with 390m climb) in 71:45.

Afterwards Roni arrived with the kids and we walked the children’s course (about 1 km), which was excellent for Alon – short enough and with interesting controls. There are quite a few national events in our area this season, so we can travel to some of them in two cars. One of us will run early each time, and then the rest of the family arrives and the children can enjoy the forest instead of being bored while both of us run in turns. Next season will be easier, because Matan will be bigger and we’ll have to carry only Yael, so one of us can walk the family course with all three smaller kids while the other is running.


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