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A year ago, when I finished organising the third ever 100+ control event in Israel, I said that the time has come to participate in one, so someone else has to do the job.

Daniel Raz-Rotschild and Yochai Sheffi took it on themselves, and provided us with a 124 control event in Ben-Shemen forest. It wasn’t the most suitable terrain in my opinion, it was cold, the forest was soaking wet, and it was worth it – almost 3 hours of pure concentration and fun. Now I know what the other orienteers felt like when I sent them out on these courses!

Physically I didn’t have any problems (the course was 13.8 km), but the orienteering was something else. I can’t read a 1:10,000 map clearly while running, so in many cases I trusted my instincts instead of stopping to read the map (or the tiny control descriptions) with a magnifier, and usually it worked. I wanted to finish under 2.5 hours, but after losing 12 minutes to control 35 I gave up on that and my final time was 2:49:52.


Control 35 was a mess, and it took me 6-7 controls afterwards to recover my flow. I couldn’t distinguish between any of the green stuff on the map, attacked it three times, and found it while wandering around after the third time. According to the¬†GPS it was located correctly, so I have no complaints and should probably have walked in properly by compass and pacing from the path junction after a couple of minutes.


Thanks guys, and thanks to all your club members who helped out. Your record won’t stand for long – I’ll get bored and set up 150 controls within a few years…

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