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Most of my orienteering is for fun. I usually run H35 because it’s the longest (and therefore most enjoyable) course available, I don’t care about any rankings, and I do my best because the satisfaction of a good run is part of the fun.

But I’ve always loved the thrill and pressure of competition, and in this year’s Israeli Championships I had three choices: H35 (no chance of winning), H45 (probably win easily), or H40 – where there’s stiff competition but I am capable of winning and would be disappointed to miss out on the podium. I decided a long time ago that I would run H40, and that’s what I’ve been training for.

Today was day one – shorter courses than usual (“middle” distance) on a new map of an old area -Tarom / Tel Zor’a. This is actually my third championship here, after 1991 and 2005. The terrain is steep, stony and green, very green, and the running was slow, but the map is very good and the course was technical and challenging. I had a good run physically, but made a few mistakes, notably at control 9 where I lost around 3 minutes, and I finished third in 52:57. I ran with my headcam so there will be a video later on.

The top two are just over 50 minutes, 4th is less than a minute behind me, and 12th place is still less than 10 minutes back, so tomorrow is going to be thrilling. The courses in Ben-Shemen forest are longer, and some of the terrain is apparently just as tough, so anything can happen. I still hope to win, and definitely to stay on the podium.


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