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Last Saturday we (Galilee O-Club) won the relay again, repeating our feat from 2014Dan_glasses

The system was the same – your top three teams from the four categories (open, senior, women, youth) count for the total. Our women’s team won for the fifth year in a row. The seniors won for the first time – we’re always one of the favourites, but this time no-one messed up. And in the open category, my team managed to stay close enough to the winners to get the necessary points.

We won because our orienteers were consistent – everyone performed on the day, despite the fact that we had five “first team” orienteers missing and only five of our teams finished the race. We’re not a very large club any more, and we’re ranked 6th in the league. I would have expected some of the leading clubs to have no problem beating us, but either they weren’t performing or their team selection wasn’t very good. They definitely entered many more teams than we did.

With our only elite runner, Asaf Avner, on World Cup duty, I was the anchor leg for our two top H21B’s – Alex Kozlov and Yair Shemla. I didn’t have a clue that my run would affect the overall result, and I was running alone anyway, so it was more like a regular orienteering event for me. I started out in 5th place, expecting to catch Lev Hasharon Club’s Hagai Lederer who had a lead of a few minutes, and to be passed easily by Aram Yaakoby (HaSharon) and Alexey Marchenko (Emek Hefer) who started just after me, and that’s exactly what happened, so we finished 6th.

The course itself was on an updated map of Nachshonim forest, which we’ve been using forever, and was nice but didn’t feel like a relay. I think the different options were a bit too spread out and also differed in length. I was using my new glasses for the first time, so I could see the map again after a few years of slow deterioration of my eyesight, and that made the orienteering easier than what I’m used to, but I haven’t raced for three months and my speed is non-existent. I’ll be working on that again soon.


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