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First, good news: Eytan Amiaz, after suffering a cardiac arrest two weeks ago, has beaten the statistics and is alive and conscious, though still far from well. Hopefully he will orienteer again, but I think it’s unlikely anyone will allow him to carry on as ISOA chairman.

I ran the national event at Nachshonim where it happened, but luckily I forgot my GPS so I can’t display my rubbish orienteering. I was in totally non-competitive mode, but still managed to finish 3rd in H45.

Last Saturday was more fun. We managed to arrange for Roni’s parents to look after the kids for half a day (not easy at all) and so we were able to participate in the Adulam mini-rogaine together. This was a 5-hour rogaine in relatively gentle hills, and we ran much farther than expected – 32.4 km in total, winning the women’s category easily and finishing 6th overall. The detailed split time analysis is here, and there was also live GPS tracking using mobile phones for many of the teams. Our route is below:


We are well into the season here, Autumn is the best time for orienteering (not too hot, very little undergrowth), and there are events every weekend, but most of my activities are limited to Friday mornings, when the children are busy but I’m not working. On Saturdays we can’t drag them to every event, and even then only one of us can run. On the Fridays I’m in charge of club training sessions, doing some mapping work – I added a section to my 2009 map of Akbara and now I’m mapping a new area – and hoping to put in a few long runs. Roni is slowly adapting to life as a Maths teacher (long nights preparing lessons) but she’s also starting to run and ride her bike a bit more than previously.

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