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Saturday’s national event was on the ruins of Lavi Forest. Literally ruins, because the forest is undergoing renewal and there’s not much left of it, and also much of the area contains actual ruins.

The first map of Lavi was made in 1980, and then I remapped it in 1999. My map contained 239 wells and pits, and apparently this one has 242, so not much has changed on the ground. We used the map for lots of events, including our first 100-control race in 2006, but stopped a few years ago after the forestry work started.

I enjoyed my run and placed first in H45, but in my opinion making a new map was a waste of time and resources. Much of the area looks and feels like a wasteland, some parts already can’t be used because of more recent felling and new fences, and as soon as some of the newly planted trees start to grow orienteering will become almost impossible. I don’t think we’ll orienteer here again in the near future, and in 2030 a new map will be needed again.


Comparing my map (on the left) and the new one makes me quite proud of my work. Apart from the obvious changes in vegetation and man-made features, nearly every feature that I drew is there – and this was before LIDAR and laser rangefinders, with just a simple base map and an aerial photo.

Lavi Comparison

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