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This year’s Rogaine was in the Jerusalem hills, not far west of Jerusalem. All credit to Noam Ravid for mapping and planning the event, on a very large and tough area. I know how much effort is involved and this was the most challenging we have had.

The terrain is hilly, mostly very steep, and quite rough. Some parts have lots of paths, some have very few and are also nature reserves, so cutting through the terrain is prohibited. There were 8, 5 and 3-hour options – we participated in the longest, of course, but there was a record low number of only 20 teams on this course (overall there were 133, including a 6-hour bike course). Compare this to our first rogaine in 2005, when 68 teams finished 8 hours because there were no other options.

We did well. Roni is totally out of shape – I think that since the last mini-rogaine in November she’s run less than the distance we covered, and that includes orienteering events. There was an hour for planning, which is plenty of time: our initial plan was to go east and north, but after 5 minutes we looked again at the route choices and the climbs and decided to make a plan for the southern part only, without crossing the steep valley (Nahal Sorek) in the middle.

It was a beautiful, relatively cool day, with great visibility as well. The race was fun, but hard, and this time Roni slowed us down considerably, but she’s my wife and I’m not doing this with anyone else as long as she agrees to join in. Some of the controls were magnificent caves and ruins, as were some of the paths, and a couple of climbs (85, then 82 to 52 to 56). We finished with 17 minutes to spare and 111 points – first place was a Lithuanian team with 127, then Israeli teams on 114, 113 and 112, so we were 5th. If Roni had been slightly fitter we could easily have picked up another 6 points (control 61 or 67) and beaten all our local competitors. We ran 42.1 km and climbed 1270m.

The analysis of the results is here, and our route is below. There’s also a great photo of us at control 56.


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