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In nearly 30 years of orienteering I’ve never, ever, skipped a control by mistake and punched the next one, then had to return. Until today.

Our official orienteering season kicked off with a league sprint race at Sarid, about 10 minutes from home. This year the league includes 12 races, 4 of them sprints, with the 8 best counting for your final ranking. I don’t really care for the ranking, or for sprints, but three of those are very near home so I’m going in order to contribute points to my club.

I ran H50A for the first time – in the forest I’d go for a longer course in H40 or H35, but the difference in a sprint race is negligible, and 1st place in H50A gives the club more points. I had a good race and won with a time of 19:05, more than a minute ahead of second place, but… I managed to skip control 13, running straight from 12 to 14. After punching 14 I looked at the map, almost “continued” to 13, then realised what I’d done and ran (very fast) to 13 and back. It cost me well over a minute.

I also had an issue with the colours on the map – as usual, due to my colour blindness, I had a real problem differentiating between out of bounds (olive green) and open (100% yellow), especially when they bordered each other. This caused me to hesitate several times, and to take a couple of safer routes when I wasn’t sure of the colour (for example: 16-17). The IOF mapping committee has been talking for years about addressing the colour-blindness problem, but still hasn’t done anything (here is the latest discussion).

It was still fun, though I would question the wisdom of travelling more than an hour for under twenty minutes of orienteering. Living nearby has it’s advantages: I started at 9:20, finished, took my bag, walked to the car park (500m), drove home, showered, then took charge of the kids, and Roni still managed to arrive in time for her start at 10:32.


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