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Today I ran a half-marathon race.

Usually I’m not into road races and such stuff, but this year I got an itch in my legs and wanted to prove something to myself. In addition, it’s not bad as training for long distance orienteering. I’ve raced the distance twice before, 10 years ago – but the first time was with Roni and the second time I started too fast, “hit the wall” after 15 km, and finished very slowly (in just over 1:40).

My goal was to beat 1:40, and I added a few tempo runs in training over the last few months in order to prepare. My last session, a week before, was 14 km at just under target pace, and after that I knew I could reach my goal. I chose a race – the Agur (Crane) Run – which is in a nice scenic area around a well-known bird migration site: not far from home, and much more fun than running in a city.

The race itself was mainly an exercise in concentration – keeping up a hard level of effort over 100 minutes is far from easy. I started too fast, as expected, but I knew that would happen and I was prepared. Towards the end my legs were really hurting, but I pushed through and managed to finish in 1:38:05 (12th in the 50-59 age group). I’m very pleased with my performance and level of fitness, and I’ll be concentrating on the orienteering from now on.

The course is here:

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