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A Long Weekend   Leave a comment

Last week was the Israeli Championship, and this time I didn’t participate because I was planning the first day, so I had a longer weekend than usual.

Our winter is especially rainy this year, and orienteering events are being cancelled or postponed all the time, but for the championship we had beautiful weather. I was in the terrain at Kfar Hahoresh all Thursday afternoon, and of course on Friday throughout the race and until the last control was collected. Then on Saturday we went to Hasolelim with all the children, and after the race I returned there with Roni’s map and ran her course (without controls, of course) for fun.

IOC 2019 Roni

Roni finished second in D21A, which is both a reflection on the state of women’s elite orienteering in Israel, and on her toughness and experience – she’s 38, with three small children, doesn’t train at all (and was sick the week before), quit the team 10 years ago, but has won 4 Israeli championships and represented us in two WOCs. The children are growing – I think she can still win another championship in D21A!

Alon, nearly 8 years old, is now orienteering regularly, and loves it. He finished the children’s course on Friday (Instead of school! Yippeeee!) with Roni and on Saturday with me. He’s really started to understand the map, notice various features, and orientate himself correctly, and we’re enjoying it very much.

Planning the courses was a rush job – I received the first version of the map, without a few sections, only 6 weeks before the race, and the final section 3 weeks before, so I didn’t have much time. I’m sure I could have done a better job given more time, but the feedback was very good (very tough – as promised – but fair).

After the race I published an overview of the courses on Tableau Public, exporting the xml data from Ocad – so now I can create a similar analysis for any event within minutes. I’ll probably improve the visualization over time as well.

20190222 All Courses

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