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It’s already sprint season here. There are very few forest orienteering events planned, and even some of those are being cancelled because of hot weather. Combine that with a very wet winter that caused lots of cancellations because of rain, and the growing trend towards sprint events anyway, and it’s been a rotten season.

But we take what we get, and last weekend the last two league events of the season were sprint races near home, so there was no reason to ignore them. I skipped the first (on Friday) and stayed with the kids, while Roni ran D21A and then assisted Alon on the H12 course, which was much too difficult for children. Then on Saturday Roni wanted to ride home, and I had an early start, so at the last minute I decided to run there in the morning.

So I jogged from Ramat Yishai to Mizra (below), 19.8 km at 5:40 pace, basically crossing most of the Jezreel Valley. Then I had 25 minutes to get organised, and ran the H50A course – slower than usual, of course. Roni arrived later with the kids, ran her course, followed Alon again (on a more suitable course), and then rode home on her bike using the same route as me.

Strava 20190518

Unbelievably, I still won the category, though some H45’s beat me. I had no interest in the league this year, so I can only imagine what would have happened if I’d tried to win. I won all three sprint races (out of four) that I ran, but I didn’t run any of the eight forest events in this category – and I’m definitely better in the forest. Maybe next season I’ll give it a go.

The whole weekend of races was an anti-climax to the league season. The organisation wasn’t great, they combined the Long and Medium+ courses (all 6 top categories) for no real reason, and Saturday’s area (Mizra kibbutz) was much too easy for an important league race. If I was racing for a ranking position I’d be very disappointed.

There’s nothing much left – a long, hot summer, with very little orienteering. I’ve been on maintenance mode since the Rogaine in early April, and I’ll start training again in mid-June, focusing on strength and core exercises until it gets cool enough to hit the forest again.


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