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Our club relay this year was a sprint.

The event was initially scheduled for January (in the forest), then postponed to March, then May, June 15th, and finally June 22nd. And at this time of year it had to be a sprint because of the heat.

I don’t think our only major relay race should be on a sprint map, and lots of people agree with me. I participated only because the club needed me. The event was on the Tel-Aviv University map, which is flat and very easy, so for any team with three competent orienteers it was basically a running race, and the fastest runners won.

After the event someone actually suggested that we can have a sprint relay like in international championships – two women and two men – but here it would have to be three men and one woman in each team.

For the first time, I could run in the Senior category (50+), and we had a strong team and finished second – in my opinion, on more technical terrain we would have won. Our women’s 7-year winning streak was ended because we had to put a first-year youth on the anchor leg, and she made a large mistake (but she’ll be great in a year or two). My route is below – nothing interesting and no mistakes (the GPS went crazy between the buildings, so I drew it manually).


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The Next Generation   Leave a comment

I mean the next generation in my family…

Last Saturday we went to a sprint event in Jerusalem. Roni ran, and then Alon (8 years old) did the family course with me. I showed him where to start, made sure he crossed the roads safely, and corrected him once when he left a control in the wrong direction. Apart from that he completed the entire course on his own. He knows how to orient the map, make route choices and execute them, find the controls, and of course read the map symbols. He’s made lots of progress this year, and is also very enthusiastic about orienteering. And his dad is proud of him.


Route choices of an 8 year old

Thanks to Emek Hefer O-Club and especially Alex Lipovich, who is steadily expanding the mapped area in the centre of Jerusalem. Below is an overview of his work to date.




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Bad Timing   Leave a comment

On Friday we had a small Long-O mass start event in Kiryat Ata Forest, not far from home. It was organised by the youths of Technion Carmel O-Club, who did a great job, but for me personally it was a case of bad timing:

  1. Not the right season – the heat wasn’t an issue (the start was at 6:30), but the vegetation in the open areas is terrible at this time of year. I would have loved to run the course in November (and I probably will – for training).
  2. Not in shape – I finished my season after the rogaine, so I haven’t been training for a couple of months – just jogging twice a week in maintenance mode. That’s enough to win a sprint in flat terrain, but not for a 12.8 km competitive course in the hills.
  3. Not awake – I’m not a morning runner, and for me this was a bit too early for a race. I was also a bit tired from other stuff going on.

To cut a long course short, I quit mentally after control 4 (crossed the path without seeing it) and physically after control 9. This was no fault of the organisers, who did a great job technically and logistically. The second half of the course was probably nicer than the first, so I’m sorry I missed it.

The course planning was good, but I didn’t like the binary legs: contour through the thorns or go up/down, along the path, and then down/up. I would have really liked to see a massive route choice leg in such a course, for example from 9 to 19.


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