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On Friday we had a small Long-O mass start event in Kiryat Ata Forest, not far from home. It was organised by the youths of Technion Carmel O-Club, who did a great job, but for me personally it was a case of bad timing:

  1. Not the right season – the heat wasn’t an issue (the start was at 6:30), but the vegetation in the open areas is terrible at this time of year. I would have loved to run the course in November (and I probably will – for training).
  2. Not in shape – I finished my season after the rogaine, so I haven’t been training for a couple of months – just jogging twice a week in maintenance mode. That’s enough to win a sprint in flat terrain, but not for a 12.8 km competitive course in the hills.
  3. Not awake – I’m not a morning runner, and for me this was a bit too early for a race. I was also a bit tired from other stuff going on.

To cut a long course short, I quit mentally after control 4 (crossed the path without seeing it) and physically after control 9. This was no fault of the organisers, who did a great job technically and logistically. The second half of the course was probably nicer than the first, so I’m sorry I missed it.

The course planning was good, but I didn’t like the binary legs: contour through the thorns or go up/down, along the path, and then down/up. I would have really liked to see a massive route choice leg in such a course, for example from 9 to 19.


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