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A Tale of Two Races   Leave a comment

I haven’t blogged for a while, because I’ve been busy with other aspects of life, but over a busy month I still managed to do some orienteering and compete in two races.

The first day of the Winter Cup was held on Friday 13th December at Nahal Hashofet, a new map of a partially known area. It was after the start of a period of unprecedented rain throughout the country, so the terrain was very wet, though it didn’t actually rain during the event. The second day was postponed due to flooding of parts of the map, and later cancelled.

I came into the race at peak fitness, planning to win H40 (reminder – I’m 51). This was made easier, but much less fun, by the fact that my good friend and rival Oded Verbin broke a leg at a local event a few weeks previously and is out for the season. I had a good race on a technically easy course, with only a small miss at control 11, but it was very physical and I didn’t expect to beat all the younger guys. In the end I won by over 4 minutes. Remembering that I finished 4th in both the previous league events, which were sprints, I seem to better in rough terrain and on hills. And in better shape.

Roni also won D21A, so she’s the women’s Winter champion.


Nahal Hashofet

After that we went on Safari in Tanzania with Roni’s family, missing several nice events. I managed only one short jog there, and had other issues at home, so I came into the next league event at Kfar Hahoresh out of shape. This is where I planned the Israeli championships last year, so I know the terrain better than most, but I didn’t expect to win. I wasn’t even planning to run, but at the last moment Roni’s parents took charge of the kids and enabled me to join her at the race.

I started well. Control 1 was used last year, so I knew exactly where it was. Then I lost about 4 minutes at no. 2 (not sure about the mapping, but I was at fault anyway), slowed down a bit, and started orienteering properly. The course was tough, with lots of running in terrain and tricky features as controls, and I won again, this time by 6 minutes! Not sure what my competitors were doing, as I felt really slow.

So – two races, totally different preparation and mental mode, same result. I’ll stay in H40 because it’s still the category that fits my abilities best, and I hope to win the Israeli Championships next month (no complacency – I’m training hard). Until then I’ll try to get out into the forest as much as possible, because that’s where the fun is…


Kfar Hahoresh

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