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Not much happening, is there?

We’ve been under severe lockdown since last Wednesday (March 25th), meaning that you can’t travel more than 100m from your home without cause. For the two weeks before that no organised events were allowed, and there was no school,  but we could go out as a family and Roni and I could run at will. Now I’m limited to the circle on the map, which luckily offers me a few options for interval training.

Before Wednesday, the plan was to set controls out in various forests and allow people to download the maps, print them, and train alone or in pairs (which was explicitly allowed). Hopefully we’ll be back to that status (at least) within a few weeks.

Until then, there are lots of armchair orienteering solutions, and I’m contributing my part with an improved Memory Game (matching pairs). There are 5 different maps to choose from, and I’ll regularly be adding more. Some of them are a real challenge, even without the full 24 pairs.

Enjoy: https://public.tableau.com/views/OrienteeringMapsMemoryGame/Memory

In general, we seem to be in a better situation than most countries at the moment, except for the enormous economic effect on many people. I’m still working full time from home, and Roni is working partially but her teacher’s position and salary are safe, so we can count ourselves as lucky. Let’s hope it ends quickly and safely.

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