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Wednesday was our (72nd) Independence day. So was Thursday – because lockdown restrictions on sports activities were lifted, having been limited to a 500m radius from home for a couple of weeks (and 100m before that).

I celebrated first by running a sprint course in the permitted radius, and then by trying to create a GPS Star of David in the terrain, which was not easy. I had the course planned out and an excellent map of Zippori, but the undergrowth at this time of year is terrible. It came out quite well, though it’s not very obvious from the view on Strava that each straight line is 1 km.

Independence day

It is now possible to train outside individually, so I can run freely again. Races are still not allowed, but orienteering training events are being held, with various restrictions. The main problem is that it’s starting to get hot and the effectively the season will end in a month or so, with no permission for urban events yet. By the start of next season we’ll be living in a different world, but I’m sure we’ll be orienteering properly again.

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