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Orienteering (and other sports) events are now officially allowed again, and the first actual race was in Odem Forest, probably the most suitable for this time of season – there won’t be much orienteering here in the heat of summer, as usual.

My endurance is more than OK, but I have no competitive speed and I’m not worrying about it until September, so I ran this at a brisk jog. It’s my map, so I had no problems reading it, but the terrain is tough in any case and it seems that every year it gets stonier. Apart from a lapse in concentration at control 7, I had a relatively smooth run and I really enjoyed getting out on a proper course at last. I finished the 7.1 km course in 68:27, meaning that Roni, who ran her 5.6 km course in 53:49, was slightly faster than me: mainly because of my mistake, but they all count, and it shows how much her fitness has improved over the Corona period. I think it’s given her some motivation to try and keep it up next season, despite the stresses of kids and teaching.

My next race might be in… September. It’s starting to get hot, and there’s not much of a program yet for the summer. One thing, unfortunately, is for sure – I won’t be travelling abroad.


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