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The Return of Catching Features   Leave a comment

When Lockdown started, I wrote that I would try to participate in all the stages of the Catching Features World Cup. Having fulfilled that commitment, I have come to a few conclusions:

  • Catching Features is probably vastly underrated. It is fantastic software that simulates orienteering very well, despite having a few drawbacks.
  • The CFWC was very, very tough, and after some of the races I was sweating in my chair. The maps were fantastic (some of them are below) and the courses very challenging. Thanks to the course creators for a great job.
  • My orienteering is OK, but my gaming skills are lousy. My results were consistently just over twice the winner’s time, usually without any big mistakes (I finished with 872 points, the winner had 1777).
  • I’d really like to upload one of my maps (Odem Forest) and set a course online. I hope to have some time for it soon.

I also concluded that Catching Features has returned, and in order to confirm this I received permission to collect all the historical data from the website and analyse participation over time. The results are published here (screenshot below of the first page):

I’ll try to add some more analysis in the future, such as the most active users, the most prolific course setters, and so on.


Screenshots from the Catching Features World Cup races:

CF 9 newCF 7 newCF 5 newCF 6 newCF 10 newCF 8 new

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