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Orienteering in the Jewish Olympics?   Leave a comment

Let’s be realistic – orienteering won’t be in the Olympic Games in the near future.

But the Maccabiah (, the Jewish version of the Olympics, is a different matter. The 21st edition of these games will be held in July 2022 (after a COVID-19 postponement), as always in Israel, and the absolute minimum for including a sport is 25 athletes from 4 countries (excluding Israel, of course).

We’re in contact with some Jewish orienteers around the world, but there may be many more that we don’t know about. So if you (or someone you know) are Jewish, in any age group, and interested in participating, please contact Doron Keynar at Don’t worry about the bureaucracy and logistics yet, there’s still a long way to go – let’s get orienteering included, and then take care of the details.

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Night Rogaine   Leave a comment

Orienteering is almost back to normal here, but because of the summer heat there are only a few early morning sprints. The exception was a night mini-rogaine – 3 or 4 hours, only on tracks, in Ben-Shemen forest. This happened to be the location of the last rogaine more than a year ago, with two events having been cancelled since then due to the weather and lockdown.

It was also an opportunity to run with Roni again, for the first time in over two years. As usual, we had great fun together, and without the agony of 8 hours. There were 25 controls with points values of 1 to 5 (the second digit), and after calculating that collecting everything was beyond us, though not by much, we based our plan on all the 3-5 point controls, with the others as bonuses depending on the pace.

In the end we skipped only two controls, and finished with 7 minutes to spare and 4th overall (1st in two of the categories, meaning we won a prize), behind three teams that collected all the controls. The next forest orienteering is in September…


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