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Back in the Forest   Leave a comment

After a summer of early morning sprints, we’re back in the forest at last. I was out and about last weekend as well, marking controls for a club training camp, but yesterday was the first real event of the season – in the midst of an unprecedented heatwave.

My club was organizing, but I wasn’t involved this time. Despite the heat and humidity, the decision to go ahead – with shortened courses and very early start times – was made, and the event was successful. It was really humid: Strava says 83%, but it felt like 200%, and I was soaked in sweat after the first few controls, despite being acclimatized from training throughout the summer. My strategy was to choose the least physically demanding route, which is usually close to the fastest anyway, and I had an almost perfect run, mostly enjoying the lack of undergrowth.

Thanks to Gil Rinat and the other members of Galilee O-Club for planning and organizing. I think we’re going to have a great season, and this is just the start!

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