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Lockdown no. 2 came just after the first few events of the season, and lasted until a week ago. We actually managed to hold a club training camp just before, which was great fun despite the (still) hot conditions, and then all activities closed down: not a 100 meter limit like in April, but 500 meters (increased at some point to 1 km), and any individual athletic activity provided you start from your home.

So I ran around home quite a lot, getting acquainted with new routes, but the conditions were still hot throughout and I managed to orienteer only on the last weekend, when it cooled down a bit – running 5 km to the nearby map of Alonim, doing a 6 km training course (without controls, of course), and then back.

Now lockdown has been lifted, but we still can’t hold official events, so there are lots of informal trainings – register, come and take a map, go out into the forest and find the controls. On Friday I went to a Window-O training (some call it “Swiss cheese”) at Hosh’aya, which was tricky but better than nothing. The forest is quite open, the fact that the map is from 2007 doesn’t matter too much when most of it is erased, and the main problem was the very rocky terrain, which made running in a straight line and pace-counting very difficult. I managed to find all the controls except no. 7/11 – apparently there is an unmarked rocky knoll slightly to the west of the correct one, and that’s the one that I arrived at twice.

There’s lots more training coming up, and hopefully the season will be able to restart within a few weeks, just when we have the best orienteering weather and vegetation conditions.

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