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I’m back from a back problem, just in time for the end of the orienteering season and the start of high summer.

What happened to my back? Nobody knows, of course. It started gradually over a few days, and then I was barely able to move without acute pain. After taking anti-inflammatory pills for a while I got better and I could get back to work, and then slowly back to running. Two months ago I could hardly walk, a month ago I managed a 3 km jog through the pain, and now I’m totally pain-free and running single-tracks again.

All the doctors asked if I had any severe stress, so maybe they’re right – a combination of hard work, organising orienteering events (a rogaine), and the usual day-to-day grind with kids. And age (53). I dialed everything down until the last week or so, but now I’m getting back to normal, carefully, with lots of back and core strengthening exercises as well.

I also discovered, unfortunately, how a month of nothing can impair my fitness: I can confidently say that I haven’t been as unfit as this for at least 30 years, and bouncing back from various ankle sprains and an appendectomy was much faster (maybe because I was younger). I’ve had my holiday, so now there’s a long, very hot summer of training ahead of me in order to get back to my usual level by the start of next season.

I managed to jog through two of the end of season sprint events, so I’ll write about those soon, and hopefully I’ll be able to blog about the various international events and our team through the summer.

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