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Forest Time   1 comment

Despite COVID-19, we’re allowed to hold “training” events – which are basically the same as regular events, except that there’s no registration on the day (so no contact), no official assembly area, no drinks controls, and no results (but you can still use SI and get your split times). As far as I know, competitive events are planned to start in January, unless there is a third lockdown. The season is going to be compressed into a few months, and hopefully we’ll be having a lot of forest time over the winter and spring.

Today we went to a training event at Ma’anit, on a partially new map (of an old area). There were 280+ orienteers registered, the assembly area was full, and the forest was busy. Alon (aged 9.5) successfully finished his second solo forest course, and I ran the long course at cruising pace. It was fun – peak orienteering season, beautiful countryside, nice weather, and good terrain. Apart from my headless chicken routine at control 21 (where I don’t agree with the map, but I was still off course) I was more or less OK, but a bit rusty.

Last week I also started mapping in the forest again. I had planned to expand my small map of Naura ( back in the summer of 2019, but then I discovered that the vegetation in the new section was awful, and that half of the existing map had just suffered a serious forest fire. After that I was busy with Rogaine mapping, then COVID-19 came along, and now I’m back. The vegetation is nicer at this time of year, and much of the forest has recovered from the fire, so we can think of planning an event on the expanded map. Below are aerial photos of almost the entire map for 2018, 2019, and 2020, where you can see the effect of the fire.

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Preparing a Rogaine   Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I organised a rogaine in Beit Keshet forest, not far from home. Israel is a small country, so we don’t have many areas suitable for our full length (8 hour) rogaines, but there are some smaller ones that can be used for mini-rogaines, and this was the first time in this area.

Panorama BK

An overview of the terrain from the south

I was preparing the event in my spare time, and had been thinking about the area for more than a year. The map includes 5 existing orienteering maps, which I combined and standardised on the computer, and then over the summer I went on four headcam mapping runs to cover the unmapped areas. I made two more runs later on to map a few small patches and mark the controls in the southern part of the map – overall 90 km of running in the terrain, mostly on paths, of course. The map below shows all six of my routes in varying colours, and the borders of the existing maps (labelled A to E).

For the organisation itself I had lots of help from our club, and 76 teams of orienteers participated in the 4-hour race. There were 23 controls, and no team manged to collect all of them. As usual, I prepared a visual analysis of their results. Overall it was very successful and I think most of the participants had great fun. I was especially pleased with the spread of the control visits, which showed that the planning was good enough to send the teams out across the whole area.

I’ll probably be planning a full rogaine next – my last was in 2014.

BK Rogaine Blog

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Naura   1 comment

Israel is a small country, and sometimes we feel that we’ve already discovered all the great orienteering terrain, and there’s nothing new left to explore. But last summer I discovered a gem while running the Gilbo’a single-track. A couple of weeks later I had a Lidar base map, and on Friday we held a low-key local event on the first part of the map of Naura.

Naura picture

The nice part of this terrain is the forested ravine that winds through, something quite rare in this country. The rest of the forest is also very nice and contains a few surprises in the small details. I really enjoyed the mapping, and planning the courses on such a tiny map was also a challenge (the long course is below). I used ISOM 2017 for the first time, but had no need of any of the new symbols.

Now I plan to continue the map to the north and west, and next year we’ll probably hold a larger event. I intend to do much more mapping this year than during the previous years, but I still haven’t decided on a major project after this one.

Naura course 20180112.Long

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Fort Canning, Singapore   2 comments

In the beginning of December I was in Singapore again for a short business trip (Monday to Saturday). Despite not having a weekend there, I was determined to make a map – and the only option was Fort Canning Park, 5 minutes walk from the hotel. There was no base map, so I used Google Maps, which had a basic outline and many of the paths and buildings.

After landing on Monday evening, I skipped mapping on Tuesday, but planned on using the remaining three mornings and as much time as necessary on Saturday. I have to be at the office at 09:00 (after a shower and breakfast), so the schedule was tight – first light is around 06:45. The start on Wednesday was promising – I met up with Sebastian Wong just after starting, he followed me around for a while to see how it’s done, and I made good progress.

But December is the rainy(er) season in Singapore. Half an hour after starting work on Thursday it started pouring, and after waiting it out for 10 minutes (there are enough buildings around in the park for shelter) I opened my umbrella and headed back to the hotel, arriving quite soaked. Friday was OK, and I was optimistic about Saturday, but luckily I started early (my flight was at 21:00, so there was time) because at around 9:30 it started raining again and after waiting for half an hour I quit again, with not much work left to be done. I waited until the rain stopped at around 14:00 (including some shopping, lunch, packing, etc.) and then dashed out for another couple of hours to finish the map.

Due to the rain, I didn’t have enough time to survey the contours (I was planning to use my laser rangefinder’s height difference function), so there are lots of earth bank symbols for the slopes. I hope to be able to put in some finishing touches on a future trip, but there’s nothing planned yet. The finished map is in 1:3000 and according to ISSOM, except for a non-standard symbol that I added for the gardened areas (out-of-bounds would have looked awful).

Any orienteer who is visiting Singapore is welcome to contact me and receive a digital copy of the map, but more importantly I hope the Singaporean orienteers will be able to use it for training and races, and to attract more people to the sport.
Fort Canning Photos

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The One-man Show   2 comments

Yesterday’s national event at Shimshit was a one-man show: I made the map, I planned the courses, and I placed the controls. Obviously that’s not how it’s supposed to be done, but I always try to plan the first event on my new maps, so as not to ruin the experience for any other orienteers, and this time the area was small enough so I didn’t need any help with the controls.

The event itself was great – we had good weather, lots of competitors (almost 500?), and no problems in the forest (from the organising point of view – some orienteers had lots of problems). I got some good feedback on my mapping, and after a year of work I’m really happy that this project was successful.

I’ve had complaints from my club members about this system, because they don’t get to plan national events – we usually organise only one a year, and if I finish a new map every year then I’m always the course planner. I’ve already decided that next season I’ll let another club organise on my new map of Elyakim, while I act as controller, and a team from my club will plan a national event on one of the existing maps in our area.

Below is the map of Shimshit, with the 7 main courses overlaid in different colours.


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Video Mapping   2 comments

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