WOC 2008 Long Qualification – good news!   Leave a comment

Pavel qualified again (as at WOC 2007) for the long distance final, finishing 11th in heat A of qualification. Analysis of the split times shows that he started 2 minutes before Matthias Merz (2007 World Champion), and made small mistakes at controls 2 and 3, so that he was almost caught. Then he managed to pull away and stay ahead of Matthias until control 15, and they finished the last quarter of the course more or less together.
The fact that Pavel was fastest overall on two of the legs (11 & 19) shows that he can run as well as the best orienteers, and his orienteering is getting steadier. Last year he finished 21st in the final, and his goal this year should be to improve on that – but I think that in Ukraine he had a "home" advantage which will be missing in Czech, and he will finish between 25th and 30th.
Alexey was never expected to qualify for the final, but had a good run and finished 25th in heat C, in what is probably his best ever result in WOC long distance. If he continues to improve his running ability he is on course for a final in the coming years. His best discipline is the middle distance, and I think he has an outside chance of qualifying on Thursday – or finishing 16th according to the Israeli tradition.
Looking at the map, I can only say that it seems very…. continental. It doesn't look like the sort of terrain I would want to orienteer in for fun, and reminds me of the long distance terrain from WOC 2003 in Switzerland. Challenging but boring. I hope the Middle is better.

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