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I'm starting to suffer from o-verload – a lack of spare time, due to doing too much orienteering stuff. This usually happens around the peak of the orienteering season here, between December and March. Top 10 reasons for o-verload:
1. A full-time job (5 days a week), including trips abroad once in a while
2. Being a single parent for a 5 year old girl about 40% of the time (and thanks to my parents for all the help)
3. Training (running) 3-4 times a week
4. Mapping
5. Coaching the national women's team
6. Organising and teaching an instructors course
7. Managing an orienteering club
8. Planning the Israeli Championships
9. Organising orienteering events
10. Blogging
I'm not complaining – this is what we call here in Israel "rich people's problems" (צרות של עשירים). But I'd like to go shopping with Roni, take her to a movie, and just be able to stay in bed one Saturday morning. Maybe in April…

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