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After the dramatic events of yesterday's WOC relay, few people will remember how it started, with Israel (Israel ????) coming back in second place from the first leg of the men's race, only 3 seconds behind Russia. This was certainly the highlight of our team's WOC, and all the credit belongs to Pavel Gvozdev for what was probably the run of his life, but the 30th place finish overall puts the situation into perspective: over the last three WOCs, we would have done very well in a one-man relay with Pavel, but his good results have been lost due to lack of depth. Here is a chart which shows the time behind the leaders after each leg:
I'll be on a business trip to the USA (again) during the next week, so I'll have time to philosophise a bit about this issue, just as we start building up for the coming orienteering season. Unfortunately, that also means that I'll be in the air during the Long Distance final, which promises to be a cracker, even though the only reliable source of information is World of O Live. And thanks to World of O for all the great coverage of the championship, including the pictures.

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