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This Saturday we have the club relay here in Israel, which is in fact our only orienteering relay. As there aren't too many orienteers, there are three categories – Long (open), Medium (ages 35+ and 17-), and Short (45+ and 15-). Women can compete in any category. Usually there are over 100 teams of 3, with the Short being the largest and most competitive category.
My club (Galilee) used to be the largest and strongest, and at our peak we fielded 18 teams, but now we're down to 9 (too many people injured, in the army or abroad). We're always strongest in the Short and usually get at least one medal position there, and have no chance in the Long – no elite men at all. In the Medium, I ran the anchor leg for a strong team the last two years, but in both cases we messed up and I ended up going out like a rocket 10-15 minutes behind the leaders, posting the fastest time for the course, and gaining 5-6 places but not enough to win.
This year we can't get a strong team in Medium, so I'm moving up to Long so that we can get a respectable result there. If we have a very good day, we might be able to nick third place. I'm going out second, so at least I'll be able to see the finish this time.
For some reason the relay has been moved earlier in the season – it used to be in December, with the season starting in September. Now it's just two weeks after the first National Event, which is too early in my opinion. The relay should be an important part of the season's peak, between December and March.

In any case it's going to be fast, furious, and mostly fun. That's what orienteering is about!

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  1. I agree with you that the relay is scheduled too early in the season. However, I think the best timing for it would be April.Reasons:1. Small chance of rain (important for this kind of competition).2. Would give a boost to the last third of the season, usualy lacking "anchor" events.3. Would be more interesting from the club league perspective, as it awards many club points late in the season.4. Would be more inviting (or less intimidating) to new orienteers, who only join their clubs weeks before the current relay.

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