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Why is this so important? This year's MTB-WOC is the first ever official IOF championship to be held in Israel, and it was my idea and initiative (as Chairman of the Israel Sport Orienteering Association), so I care quite a bit about it. I was there when we were awarded the championship at the IOF General Assembly in 2006, and my signature is on the contract with the IOF. Since then I've been voted out of office, so I have no actual authority and I'm not involved in all the planning and preparations, but I'll be there in August to help and to see it happen.
We have 134 registered participants from 21 countries, which compares unfavourably with the last two years (around 180), or the EOC being held this week (148), but could be expected due to the fact that nearly all of them come from Europe, and we are slightly further away than usual. I'll be giving my thoughts on some of the issues before the championship, and I hope to be doing a major part of the photography on some of the competition days, so I'll be getting first-hand impressions of the action.

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