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The LapCombat statistics for last weekend have been published, and I noticed that even though on the second day I won the course (H40, H21B, H17 and H21A) by over 3 minutes, my split times are in the top three for only two legs: 7 and 22. Why those?

  • Leg 22 is strange – I think it is because I started my run-in from control 21 already, so basically I was sprinting from there to the finish. Apparently, most of my competitors started the sprint later, even though there was no real orienteering left. I'm certainly not in the top ten sprinters on the course.
  • Leg 7 is worth some analysis. It was the long leg, so from a running point of view I should have been way behind the fastest runners. However, it looked technically difficult. I think that most orienteers chose to run around, either on the path to the right (on the edge of the map), or to the left (through the start area). I know for sure that of my main competitors from day 1 Omer (1st) ran to the right and made a mistake coming into the control, and Ofer (2nd) went left (I saw him pass by the start). Apparently none of the fast runners took the straight route like I did: run for the main watercourse (which I had used for control 1 as well), then leave it at the bend (between 11 and 12), head right of the banana-shaped hill, and straight into the control. The routes around were both significantly longer, but to go straight you needed confidence.

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