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Now there's a final decision – no EYOC 2013 in Israel. There will still be various reactions, and there's no alternative organiser yet, but the EWG has decided. Obviously I was a bit too optimistic in my previous post. There was no real dialogue, no-one visited here to see the real situation, and it looks like someone was in a hurry to decide before Christmas. I wonder how many people noticed along the way (thanks to the person who commented about this on my original post) that the EWG doesn't even have the authority to make this decision (see item 11a here – they had a deadline), but it doesn't matter – there's no way to enforce it.

The full proceedings are detailed on a website here, including all my own comments. It makes for interesting reading – especially the survey of the European federations. The bottom line is that orienteering seems to be the only sport in which Israel can't organise an international event, for "security" reasons. There are no such problems with other sports.

My work on the map of Shimshit won't go to waste, of course. In a year or so you'll be able to see it on this blog, with a course from a national event or championship, and you'll know what you missed. The same goes for the map of Zippori, prepared by a Czech team.

I was really looking forward to EYOC in Israel, and so were a number of other people here – especially some of the juniors who wanted to race internationally on home ground for a change. I'm both disappointed and angry, and I won't forget this for a long time.

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  1. AnonymGösta writes:Lyft blicken,det kommer fler år.

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