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One of the ways to win a race is to perform at your best when it’s needed. That’s what I planned for today, and that’s how it worked out.

I don’t have much time for training nowadays, but I know how to use my time effectively and how to prepare for a competition. The last few months have all been focused on this event, on running a bit faster and climbing the hills without flagging. With a 3 minute deficit from day one I planned to give everything, all the way.

I started the 6.9 km course late, and knew the result I needed in order to overtake my good friend Oded Verbin, who beat me yesterday. The course was long distance style, which I like, but also technically demanding. I had a few small misses but nothing really bad, and at control 17 I already knew that I had won. Physically I felt fantastic, and I think I haven’t put so much effort into a race for years, but it paid off – first place in H40 in the Israeli Championships, for the fourth time (out of five attempts), at the age of almost 49.

The updated map of Ben-Shemen forest is quite good, but I didn’t like the drawing – too many black dots, and the contours still have the LIDAR squiggles. There were also a few significant unmarked features, most obviously a large cliff next to control 13.

A quick look at the split times gives me the impression that my competitors started quite fast but slowed down, and my splits get better (comparatively) as the course progresses. That reinforces my belief that my running ability made a difference.

My headcam video from the first day is now online here.


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  1. Good job Dan! I thought the ukrainian guy would win H40 very easily, though he isn’t from the international top, but for example at the last OOCup in Slovenia he was the second at H40 among about 60 runners. And the terrain there very technical and may be even more than in Israel. Any orienteering plans for abroad? Pity not to use such a shape :-).

    • I think he had a bad day in Ben-Shemen (look at the split for control 3), otherwise it would have been close.
      No plans for abroad, unfortunately, because of the children. When they grow up a bit we’ll start travelling again, I hope.
      When are you returning to give me some competition?

      • So far no plans for returning. But I hope to see all of you at the Winter Cup or may be at the next Israeli Championship. This year all my vacation days are already scheduled mostly for orienteering events. This week we start our season at Lipica Open.

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