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If you’ve never watched an orienteering headcam video from start to finish before, now is the time to start. This is probably the best sprint orienteering terrain I’ve ever seen, captured by Daniel Griff:

The route is in part of the Old City of Jerusalem – the Jewish Quarter. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate, but hopefully I’ll be able to go next time. Having seen some of the areas used for major international events over the past few years (and last week’s EOC sprint areas weren’t too bad), this would definitely be an upgrade. Much of the adjacent area outside the city walls is also mapped, and has been used before. I think the mapper, Alex Lipovich, deserves enormous credit for several years of work.

By coincidence, the first stage of the Giro d’Italia was held in Jerusalem a week before, proving that it is possible to stage a major international sporting event here, including television, security, closing roads, and all the other stuff.

So what next? Sprint WOC 2028 in the Holy City?



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